4 Modes of Transportation
4 Modes of Transportation

Frequent Questions

Question: I don’t have time to invest in having Global perform a post audit.

Answer: You don’t have to invest any time; Global preforms ALL the work on your behalf. Our mission is to provide a seamless and organized process that allows you to maintain your focus on your daily operations while protecting your bottom line. Our process is simple, yet comprehensive.

Question: How much will this cost?

Answer: Nothing, its Contingency Based and Risk Free!

Question: What does Global’s process look like?

Plane Transportation
  • Once under agreement, you will receive a scripted email that you will forward to your 3PL providing Global with access to your invoices.
  • You will receive a scripted letter that you will place on your letterhead that will be submitted to all of your carriers by Global. (This gives Global authority to discuss your account with your carriers in regards to claims, refunds, etc.)
  • Global will begin auditing all of your bills through our proprietary Global 15-Step Auditing Process.
  • Once the billing errors are identified, we will work with your carriers to recover overpayments in a professional and skillful manner.
  • The carrier will refund overpayments in the form of a check to your corporation, which will be submitted to Global’s office, and deposited into an Escrow Account dedicated to your corporation. (A W-9 form will need to be completed to open the account)
  • You will receive a detailed report at the end of each month outlining our findings.
    (i.e. Carrier name, amount recovered, and invoices in error.)
  • Accompanying the detailed report, you will receive a check from Global for the agreed percentage of the recovery.

Question: I don’t have copies of my rates or contracts?

Answer: Global will obtain them on your behalf.

Question: Why should we do a post audit since my payment company states they perform this service?

Answer: Your payment company performs a pre audit, not a post audit. If your bills are not being audited after they are being paid, you are missing an opportunity to recover monies where invoices were paid in error.

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