4 Modes of Transportation
4 Modes of Transportation

Our Services

On average, up to 5% of your corporate freight & transportation bills are made up of Duplicate payments, freight payment errors, excess fuel surcharges, accessorial errors, and a multitude of other rating and contractual issues. Global Post Auditing Solutions has performed transportation audits and contract reviews for both domestic and international corporations. Our team-oriented approach and timely performance have enabled us to develop long-term relationships focused on our clients’ businesses.

Our value-added services are aimed to give maximum benefits for our clients. Our Global 15-Step Auditing Process enables us to provide cost reduction and financial recoveries across the transportation freight industry throughout the United States and internationally. At Global Post Auditing Solutions, our services provide:

Cargo Ship Transportation
  • Comprehensive duplicate payment and rate audit of all paid freight bills (all modes of transportation) through our proprietary Global 15 Step Auditing Process
  • Electronic filing of all claims with carriers
  • Access to our proprietary real time reporting and analytics application, the Global Dashboard, which presents all claims filed
  • Global’s Benchmarking Includes (Complimentary to all Global Clients):
    • Freight comparison to industry competition
    • Cost evaluation to what is available in the marketplace
    • Deliver a realistic range of pricing to negotiate with carriers
    • Utilizes the data from the audit requiring no additional information
  • Global’s Rate Negotiations Includes:
    • Complete transportation negotiation of ALL Modes
    • Superior pricing and rate structure
    • Work alongside of client to help conduct negotiation
    • Utilizes the data from the audit requiring no additional information
    • Average Client Savings Identified is 10% - 20%
  • Implementation of TMS Systems
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss cost reduction strategies
  • Improve Client/Carrier Relationships
  • In-house Logistics Training
Plane Transportation

Global’s Deliverables

  • Correct Billing Errors
  • Identify Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Check U.S. Customs & Duty Charges
  • Review Current Freight Rates
  • Validate Post Audit Vendors

Global’s Secondary Audit

Global has been successful preforming secondary audits for our clients, which validate the performance of the current payment company and primary post auditor. As your secondary post auditor, you will receive our proprietary Global 15-Step Auditing Process, which maximizes recovery for erroneous overpayments that our competitors missed. As a secondary, no rates are needed as we only audit duplicate payments. After seeing the results of our recovery as a secondary auditor, clients have determined the importance of engaging Global as their primary post auditor.

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